Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources is the oldest specialized agricultural university in Iran and the first higher education center in the north of Iran. This university has started its activity with 28 students under the name of Higher Institution of Forest and Rangeland in 1957. This university as a scientific, cultural and historical heritage of Golestan province has a deep connection with community. Gradually, this connection is being deeper and wider. Today with the change of view from the educational university to the third generation university, the main concern of the colleagues is focused on solving the problems more than ever. Launching a specialized TTO clinic, the growth and development of knowledge-based firms, establishment of Student Enterprise Park, establishment of TMC(Training Management Center & Job Counseling), development of research infrastructure, launching a House of Nature, supporting entrepreneurial activities, implementing national and regional extensive plans, setting up an educational, research and technological complex in the food industry. The educational .research and technology complex of furniture and wooden composite products and the university innovation complex are long and new steps towards reaching a community- oriented university and connecting with the community and connecting to the production and economy of the country.


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