Plant Productions

                          Name: Dr Ebrahim Zeinali

                          Position Title: Dean of Faculty

                          Office Phone Number: 01732437618




            Name: Dr mostafa Khoshhal Sarmast

           Position Title: Vice-Dean of Faculty

           Office Phone Number: 01732437617



           Name: Dr Farshid Qaderifar

           Position Title: Director of Agronomy Department

           Office Phone Number: 01732437615



         Name: Dr Mahdi Alizadeh

         Position Title: Director of Horticultural Sciences Department

         Office Phone Number: 01732437614




           Name: Dr Aliasqar Nasrollahnejad

          Position Title: Director of Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Department

          Office Phone Number: 01732437616



       Name: Dr Ahmad Nadimi

       Position Title: Director of Plant Protection Department

       Office Phone Number: 01732437619




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