Sustainable University



University with high capacity of education and culture can be the most suitable place for promoting the culture of saving, optimizing of consumption and exploiting of renewable energies .Green metric guideline (energy consumption, material and environment conservation) proclamation of ATF ministry is another effort in this direction in universities in 2016.After mentioned proclamation university has operated extensive activities both executive and organizational structure. In terms of structure establish of culture and educational committee, steering council and committee of changing consumption pattern. Some activities have done in terms of executive as well.


  1. Environment Management and Green Exploitation.

Environmental activities






Conserving Energy:

  • Using clean energy
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Control of lightning system and electricity consumption







  • Sewage treatment






Green building


  • Holding green room competition among staff in order to promote them to apply principle of green metric in their workplace.



  • Using university fleet services to carry out missions.







Cultural and Social Green Metric Management

Green university communication

  • Communication outside of university
  • Signing contract for collecting waste papers







Green organizational planning

Organizational structure

  • Organizing steering council of green metric based  on regulation
  • Organizing committee of changing consumption pattern based on proclamation
  • Organizing cultural and educational committee based on proclamation
  • Coordination and planning
  • Holding continuous, targeted meeting provide solutions that help to make decision in order to improve the operation of organization in performing politics of green metric.






Educational and Research Management

- Green education and research







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