University Introduction

 On September 4, 1983, the seeds of higher education in natural resources were sown in the city of Gorgan, and the Higher School of Forestry started operating. This seed grew well in the susceptible environment of Gorgan and became a large tree that has provided many fruits for the community. Training the skilled manpower to manage the country's natural resources was the most important goal of launching this school. The graduates of the school were excellent in specialized jobs and had learned the necessary skills to perform the assigned tasks well. During its lifetime, the Jungle High School has excelled and progressed well, and its graduates have provided excellent services in the field of natural resources throughout the country. Today, the Higher School has become a specialized university for agriculture and natural resources. In addition to the training of skilled workers, significant research activities are carried out at the university. The university has also pursued an entrepreneurial mission in recent years and has provided a very good foundation for this purpose. Choosing the most suitable place to establish a forest school in Gorgan is one of the most important reasons for the quantitative and qualitative development of this higher education center. Access to different climates and ecosystems in the shortest possible time has provided the conditions for manpower training. One of the important features of this higher education center is the presence of prominent and interested professors and hard-working employees who have a lot of coherence and motivation in scientific development work. Today, the large family of the university is engaged in scientific work and endeavors with a transcendent organizational spirit and with great prejudice, and while preserving the great heritage left by previous generations, they are working on its development and progress. The transformation of the university into a community-based university and the expansion of social services are other goals of the university in recent years. 

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