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University Introduction

 On September 4, 1983, the seeds of higher education in natural resources were sown in the city of Gorgan, and the Higher School of Forestry started operating. This seed grew well in the susceptible environment of Gorgan and became a large tree that has provided many fruits for the community. Training the skilled manpower to manage the country's natural resources was the most important goal of launching this school. The graduates of the school were excellent in specialized jobs and had learned the necessary skills to perform the assigned tasks well. During its lifetime, the Jungle Hig...


Benefits of studying at this university

Possibility of continuing education in the field of interest up to the doctoral level, providing government accommodation for all students, granting student loans, marriage, housing, etc., free internet, sports facilities, free insurance coverage, providing better jobs for students and graduates Etc. These include studying at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources .

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