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University Introduction

Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (GUASNR), is the first higher education institute in Iran specializing in agricultural sciences and natural resources. GUASNR was inaugurated by Agricultural Minister as the Junior College of Forestry and Range Management in 1957. Through a course of continued development, the Junior College was promoted to the school of Natural Resources offering three major courses in Forestry, Range Management and Soil Conservation in 1975. After Islamic revolution, the School of Natural Resources was joined to the Ministry of Science, Researc...


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Benefits of studying at this university

Possibility of continuing education in the field of interest up to the doctoral level, providing government accommodation for all students, granting student loans, marriage, housing, etc., free internet, sports facilities, free insurance coverage, providing better jobs for students and graduates Etc. These include studying at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources .

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